Being Human – Being Graceful

Being Human – Being Graceful

One thing that we have all learned at one time or another is that sometimes you need to give yourself and others a pass for being human. Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you self reflect. We all make mistakes, we forget things, we get sick, tired, stressed and overwhelmed. As humans when we get rushed and we may not make the best decisions all of the time. When we get hasty we may not treat people exactly the way that they would like to be treated. It happens to the best of us, after all we are human. What can we do?
Try to observe all of these moments, learn from them and make conscious changes to try to mitigate them in future, Give grace.
At Benessere Wellness Center and Spa we are reminded every day that we are truly in the business of being human. Giving grace to our much appreciated and devoted clientele when they are running late, rescheduling or feeling unwell. We remind our staff every day that they are appreciated and we see them being graceful with their own clients in return for the grace that they too receive.
It all goes into running a supportive and caring business that is truly here for you the client.
This month give yourself lots of grace when you make a mistake or just feel tired and run down. Give yourself the permission to put aside at least 30 mins each day for you! If just to sit in silence to contemplate or meditate. If you do have more time and don’t want to just sit while you ponder then try one our wonderfully nurturing and self reflective yoga, Nia and fitness classes.


Thank you for being human and for thank you for being graceful






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