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“Whether you are looking for weight-loss, toning, strength training, Golf Fitness, Sports Performance Training, injury rehabilitation, back pain, postural correction or just to get in shape, our innovative wellness safe haven will inspire you to achieve your goals and create a healthier lifestyle.”


The Studio

The Studio at Benessere is a truly inspirational space. Our fitness studios and members gym are the perfect blend of what we know a modern exercise environment should be. We have meticulously transformed our space into an environment that makes working out both a pleasure and highly motivational. The atmosphere is private, comfortable, inviting and non-intimidating. In the heart of the majestic Benessere Wellness Center you will have all of the services at your disposal to create a new and healthier you. Let your journey begin.



Private Personal Training


Individual Personal Training

Working one-on-one with our trainers is the most-effective way to keep your fitness on track. Our clients have a variety of goals: weight loss, rehabilitation, toning, strength, staying healthy during pregnancy, returning from an injury, sport-specific goals, or even learning new exercise techniques with more guided instruction. Benessere trainers are certified in a wide range of disciplines.


Partner Training

One of our specialties is working with couples, friends, co-workers, athletes and kids that are adopting new habits and starting a fitness program together. We find that the supportive nature of partner training combined with the expertise of a Benessere trainer is highly successful in clients reaching their goals


In-Home Personal Training 

In-home personal training from Benessere provides fitness expertise in the comfort of your home or office. Our personal trainers come to you to provide fitness coaching, advice, and technical expertise to help you achieve superior training outcomes.  Our personal training techniques ensure that you get the personal attention to achieve better fitness results without the distraction of travel time constraints. Benessere personal trainers work with you to develop healthy habits for a lifetime.


Benessere’s approach to wellness and fitness, can resolve innumerable conditions in mind and body. A few of which are listed below.


 Golf Fitness & Sports Performance Training


At Benessere we have created a golf fitness & sports performance program that is optimized towards golf specific fitness training. Professional golfers around the world have a skilled team of health professionals like us that help them achieve their goals time after time. Time and investment in this critical area is what keeps them at the top of their game. Now you can improve your game and train like a pro. A team of Benessere professionals will consult, train, and correct players with dysfunctions, pain and injury. Our trainers will bring your game back, through functional movements that will enhance your flexibility, mobility and stability. Our professionals provide therapeutic soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, and rehabilitative exercises that can help you recover faster with better results, enhancing both your golf game and healthy lifestyle.



• Need to get in shape for a special event or project?
• Not sure how you should be training your body?
• Need to reduce your stress levels?
• Need flexibility, and range of motion training?
• Tired of doing the Yo,Yo Roller Coaster ride to lose weight?
• Struggle to add lean muscle to your body?
• Do not feel good about your body, or your Self?
• Daily, functional activities at home, or at work have become difficult?
• Can benefit from proper coaching guidance and direction?
• Not motivated, or disciplined to transform your body on your own?
• Struggle to stick with, and follow through with your fitness goals?
• Your Core body structure, balance or agility are weak?
• You are preparing for an athletic or sports event?
• Want to learn new techniques, or enjoy training as an activity?
• Need to improve your cardiovascular endurance and stamina?
• Want to function in your daily life without pain, or fear of injury?



• Have muscular, or joint pain?
• Have been advised by a medical professional to change your lifestyle?
• Have severe lower back, neck, shoulder, or knee pain?
• Have an orthopedic injury that needs rehab?
• Post surgery and need a trainer after physical therapy?
• Need to reduce your stress levels?
• Experiencing on-going lethargy, fatigue, and/ or low energy levels?
• Your Core structure is weak?
• Cardiovascular endurance and stamina are too low?
• Want to function in your daily live without pain, or fear of injury?



• Need to reduce your body fat percentage?
• Want to learn how to eat healthier, and how to eat for optimal health?
• Need a dietary plan based on sound nutrition strategy?


Emotional & Mental

• Do not feel good about yourself?
• Experiencing soul loss?
• Living through old belief patterns, which no longer serve you?
• Mental clarity, or ability to focus is compromised?
• Feel depressed, or unhappy with your life, or Self?
• Living in constant fear?
• Not happy with your behavior towards others, overreacting, closed off, shut down?

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  “Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” 

~William Shakespeare




Private Personal Training

  •  30 Minute Private Training $75
  •  60 Minute Minute Private Training $110
  •  90 Minute Private Training $175

Partner Training (2 People)

  • 60 Minute Partner Training Session $150


Group Training (3 + People)

  • Contact us for pricing


Golf Fitness Training

  • 60 Minute Golf Fitness $135
  • 90 Minute Golf Fitness Training $200
  • Partner Training – call for Pricing

Sports Performance Training

  • 60 Minute Sports Performance Training $135
  • 60 Minute Sports Performance Partner Training $200


Metabolic Conditioning Training

  • 60 Minute Metabolic Conditioning Training $135
  • 60 Minute Metabolic Conditioning Partner Training $200


In-Home Training

  • Call for Pricing







A systematic approach for each individual based off of a Functional Movement Screening along with a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Screening. A professional performance training protocol will then be created based on these results to ensure that each program is truly customized for every golfer and athletes needs. 

Who benefits from this program: All Athletes, Recreational Sports Enthusiasts, Men, Women & Youth Golfers. 



A program centered on heart rate training, sessions are designed to help each person reach their individual goals. Comprehensive Resting Heart rates, Heart Rate Recovery times, and Max Aerobic Speed results are all taken into place to create this  truly specific cardiac training program for each individual and their respected activity.

Who benefits from this program: Everyone!! –  All fitness and Exercise lovers.



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