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We are back and can’t wait until you are too. We have new state guidelines and protocols in place for your safety including extra sanitizing, face masks and social distancing in common areas. Please call us if you have any questions 908-277-4080.


 Skin Care, Facials & Waxings

Benessere Wellness Center and Day Spa creates a tranquil environment where time stands still allowing you to delight in the many rejuvenating benefits of a facial treatment and waxing treatment. All of our facials are essential and designed for your skincare concerns and needs. You will leave refreshed and relaxation while your skin has been nourished and restored.



Our Signature Facials


Deluxe Detox Facial 

60 Minute – $165

This wonderful facial will leave your skin feeling enriched!

The research is clear: Pollutants, debris, free radicals and blue light can damage the health of your skin, increase inflammation and accelerate the signs of aging.  OUR Deluxe Detox Facial incorporates a Honey Tri-Zyme Peel and Nordic Detox Mask to ensure your skin functions optimally by clearing away build up, deeply purifying, repairing, replenishing and protecting your skin while strengthening its environmental defenses.  



Spring Clean & Glow Facial

60 Minute – $165

An uplifting facial to prepare for the summer!

Refresh and unveil a vibrant appearance with the power of vitamin C, brightening botanicals and plumping peptides.  Kaolin and bentonite clay will immediately clarify and detoxify for a fresh and radiant appearance, while a deliciously refreshing and firming apple papaya mask renews skin for the spring season.



Summer Blueberry Lemonade Refresher Facial 

60 Minute – $165

Increased sun exposure in the summer months can make it challenging to continuously protect against free radical damage. A potent dose of antioxidants with a nourishing blueberry and vitamin C peel offers complete rejuvenation and vitality. Calm any redness and release toxins while defending against UV rays and improving the overall radiance of your skin. 


Fall Pumpkin Refresher Facial 

60 Minute – $165

This refreshing power boost provides effective exfoliation to combat and revitalize dull skin. A combination of pumpkin enzymes and clarifying peptides work synergistically to clear the skin of impurities while natural exfoliants increase cell turnover to lift signs of sun exposure and leave skin looking fresh and renewed. 


Winter Apple Harvest Facial 

60 Minute – $165

Get red carpet ready for the holidays by resurfacing the skin with an apple stem cell peel for a vibrant glow. Defend against harsh winter elements and replenish dehydrated skin with a nourishing cranberry mask, while botanical growth-factor activators and peptides delay the signs of aging. 


Replenish & Revitalize Facial 

60 Minute – $165

This is a facial to give your skin the reawakening it deserves!

This nourishing facial will leave even the most thirsty skin hydrated.  Hydrating peptides, brightening botanicals, and natural skin brighteners go to work increasing water retention while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our Replenish and Revitalize Facial will leave your skin quenched and glowing. 


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Our Spa Facials


Essential Facial  

60 Minute – $120

Experience dramatic results with this skin conditioning treatment that begins with a deep cleansing and exfoliation to sweep away dead skin cells and impurities, followed by a layer of plant extract serums and a mask to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, radiance, smoothness and firmness. 



 Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial

60 Minutes – $145

Our sensitive skin soothing facial is the ideal treatment for dry sensitive skin.  Nourish your skin with all natural and botanical ingredients designed to calm, hydrate, improve skin complexion, and defend against environmental damage.



Anti-Blemish Clarifying Facial

60 Minutes – $145

A deeply cleansing and skin refinishing facial specifically designed to help clear congested oily and problematic skin.  This targeted treatment also includes deep penetrating lactic acid and a retinol complex to clear even the most problematic skin conditions. Skin texture will feel clean, smooth and hydrated and refreshed. 



Brightening Facial 

60 Minutes – $145

This unique treatment addresses uneven skin tone and signs of aging revealing your skin’s radiant brilliance while restoring its peak health and vitality.  Ideal for skin that has been discolored by excessive sunlight, hormonal fluctuations, or acne.  Powerful antioxidants are infused into your skin followed by a soothing hydrating masque and pigment correcting boosters for luminous brilliant skin. 


Anti-Aging Facial

60 Minutes – $165

This age defying treatment restores youthful elasticity and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, fresh and radiant. Designed to replenish moisture with deeply hydrating botanical blends,  your skin will receive an extra boost of nourishment and moisture with our plant powered, science driven serums and mask. This treatment will stimulate collagen production for firmer smoother skin. 



Lifting and Firming Facial 

90 Minutes – $210

The ultimate anti-aging facial. This 90 minute luxurious treatment combines light therapy technology with plant based stem cell serums and active ingredients to help slow cellular aging while improving the health and vitality of the skin.  Our targeted serums deeply exfoliate the skin and evens skin tone while collagen and other botanicals provide long lasting hydration. Our ultimate combination will deliver firmer more toned skin while reducing inflammation, promoting circulation, and building the skins elasticity leaving you looking and feeling younger. 



Platinum Lift Facial

60/90 Minute – $175/$230


A Benessere Signature Treatment! A non surgical lift for the face that will instantly tighten and restructure key areas and concerns.  This facial achieves long lasting results by combining the most advanced natural ingredients with the latest micro current technology to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin.  Surprisingly soothing, the micro current massage stimulates blood flow and firms your complexion, leaving healthy, radiant and younger looking skin.




Essential Facial with Purifying Back Treatment  

90 Minutes – $210

Enjoy our Essential facial combined with this custom back treatment designed to deep cleanse, gently exfoliate, extract, and hydrate skin using 100% natural botanical extracts. Relax, unwind and allow your skin to be pampered.  Skin will feel refreshed and revived after one treatment!


Express Essential Facial 

30 Minute – $80

An “afterglow” awaits you in minutes’ time! Our 30-minute express brightening treatment begins with a deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and boost cellular turnover. Allow powerful antioxidants, soothing and hydrating botanical extracts repair free radical damage, improve skin tone and moisture. This “quickie” treatment will be sure to leave skin brighter, tighter, hydrated and nourished.


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Our Add – In Treatments

Collagen Mask


 Anti-Aging Light Therapy 

Unique LED technology emits multiple wavelengths of light that penetrate into the deeper layers of skin.  As an anti-aging treatment, red light therapy stimulates increased cellular function to promote the production of collagen and elastin, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, and  restores a youthful appearance.  As an Acne treatment, blue light therapy heals and calms existing breakouts, inhibits bacteria growth, and restores clear healthy looking skin.


Level One  Peel

A diverse group of natural exfoliating mild acids are selected depending on your concerns and goals. Deep cleansing, pore extractions and exfoliation prime your skin for a healthy, polished result. This is a 60 minute treatment.


Level Two Peel

Designed to address specific concerns requiring a deeper exfoliation, addressing acne, or pigmentation conditions. Deep cleansing, pore extractions, and peel application is preformed. This treatment usually takes between 30-50 minutes.


Level Three Peel

Pre-planned treatment allowing for 5-7 days of light to heavy flaking or peeling.  Clinical skin care peel is applied to address fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, brown spots, acne and maintains the new outermost heathy skin cycle. Post treatment instruction are reviewed.


Choosing a Treatment

All skin treatments are selected the day of your appointment. After the skin is analyzed, and a discussion of your concerns takes place, the appropriate treatment selection is determined. Waxing services are prohibited for 5-10 days post treatment.



 Waxing Services for Women & Men

“It’s not just about what we remove. It is about what we leave behind, healthy natural looking skin!”

Our expert skin care professionals know that waxing is not just hair removal, its a complete beauty treatment in itself.. One that should leave you looking and feeling your best…





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