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Reiki Healing

60/90 Minute Session $120/165


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique used for energy balancing, stress reduction, relaxation, meditation that also promotes healing and redirects energy in the body.

The sessions begins with the guidelines / intention setting and is followed by feedback, intuitive reading, guidance. The treatment consists of Breath-work, Meditation, Reiki Healing, Chakra balancing, Aromatherapy (essential oils or smudging) and Sound Healing (Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, Tingsha Tibetan bells, Koshi chimes, swinging chimes, drums and/or other sound-healing instruments).


How Does Reiki Work?


During a Reiki session the practitioner gently places her hands in various positions on or above you or lightly touching, acting as a channel for the Reiki (or “Ki” which is energy that is a part of every living thing) to move through you, clearing and strengthening the meridians and energy throughout your body according to what you need.

Clients often experience a deep feeling of relaxation and connection to their intuition.


Soulful Energy Tarot Reading 



30/60 Minute Session   $85/145


Begin your journey to healing the body, mind, and spirit at Benessere. A soulful energy tarot reading can be fun, cathartic, reaffirming or just an experience to remember. Sessions may include chakra alignment, opening up and clearing channels, learning about past lives, communications with spirit guides or just exploring what it means to live in your own truth.  Sessions are designed to help provide clear channeling for your spirit guides and help you along your healing journey. 



Soulful Tarot & Reiki Healing


60/90 Minute Session  $155/185


Combine the deep healing and balancing of Reiki with a soulful Tarot reading to deepen your experience! 






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