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A Massage Can Make All The Difference


It’s proven that even a short massage can regenerate far more than what we thought…


We have known for centuries that massage is the ultimate stress reliever. It is a time just for you, the pinnacle of indulgence, and a restoring reward for one’s self. Some may struggle to justify the thought of devoting valuable time to this rejuvenating modality. Alas, having those niggling knots removed and those tired muscles re-energized may pay off a lot more than we initially thought. We now know that even a 30 min tension busting massage will help to reduce damaging inflammation in the muscles, Inflammation which is linked to almost all chronic disease and health issues.

How? As soon as those tired muscles are stimulated by the gentle flowing pressure applied during the massage your nerves in that area of the body will send rallying messages to the brain. This triggers the parasympathetic nervous system into action. Your body will answer the call and begin to stimulate the healing process which boosts immunity and reduces inflammation (a factor in chronic diseases like arthritis) helping the body’s lymphatic system to rid unwanted toxins and waste.

Taking into account the soul-soothing properties that were to our forethought when we think about massage and swiftly putting them aside, it is now very evident that the immense benefits of massage therapy on the body are certainly NOT to be taken lightly. Something to remember the next time you’re trying to justify whether or not to book your deserved spa time.

Remember…Buddha said that “to keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”


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