Mediumship Gallery – January 28th

Mediumship Gallery

with Dale Kane and Barbara Kane Soriano

 Sunday January 28th 4-6 pm

Registration: $50.00



Please Register early….This event sold out previously!!

Call 908-277-4080 



This gallery is a wonderful way to experience the power of Evidential Mediumship within a group setting. Our very gifted mediums will share messages from loved ones that have crossed over.  Attending does not guarantee you a reading however, our mediums will connect as many attendees as possible.  Help promote a successful evening by arriving with an open heart and mind, and sending love and positive energy to everyone in the room. These events have a beautiful way of touching each and every soul who attends as it is an uplifting and healing experience! Bring a friend or a loved one who you thing would benefit from this event.





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